Treatment of olfactory disturbance. Olfactory treatment from Cheong-Min Clinic!

This patient came in due to an olfactory disturbance that occurred more than 10 years ago.

The palate sense was good and it was purely an olfactory disturbance.

He/she tried rhinitis surgery, but the sense of smell did not improve,

This patient gave up after being informed by the university hospital that it was an olfactory nerve problem and thus incurable, etc.

We have treated this olfactory disturbance three times.

After three treatments, the olfactory sense improved to 8 points from 3 points.

It has already improved a lot, but we expect more improvement so the patient is on additional treatment.

If you have heard that treatment is not possible, do not give up, try our olfactory treatment.

Old olfactory disturbances can be treated!

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