Treatment for right side sudden hearing loss that has lasted for 1 year

Sudden hearing loss is a sudden hearing loss and tinnitus, usually due to stress.

The usual treatment for sudden hearing loss is taking a lot of steroids, which have many side effects and a low success rate.

In this way, 60% of patients do not improve even after being treated.

This patient came in Cheong-Min Clinic for sudden hearing loss that has lasted for 1 year.

At the time of the onset of the disease 1 year ago, he/she was admitted to a university hospital for steroids treatment but did not have any improvement.

He/she was treated only once at Cheong-Min Clinic.



Right side pure tone audiometry showed a 5~15 decibel improvement.

(The smaller the number, the better the ears hear.)


The speech discrimination score was checked as well.



19 points before the treatment and showing clear improvement to 32 points after the treatment.

(The larger the number, the better the ears hear. A change of 6 or more is considered a meaningful change.)


We expect further improvement with additional treatment.




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