Several years of tinnitus on the right side, improved after one treatment

The patient’s tinnitus got worse after being treated at other hospitals due to the tinnitus that occurred so many years ago.

The patient went to the oriental medicine clinic, but it did not work, and tinnitus rehabilitation therapy and sound therapy didn’t work either.

It was more difficult on him/her in noisy places.

This patient’s tinnitus was judged to be due to right side high-frequency hearing loss.

Cheong-Min Clinic planed regenerative therapy for high frequency hearing impairment, and treated him/her.

You can see that the numbers on the right 6K and 8K are reduced by 10,15 respectively.

(The smaller the number, the better hearing is.)

This is the hearing improvement in the high frequency range.

The tinnitus also got better the next day after treatment.

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