Cheong-Min Clinic Dizziness Treatment Case

I suddenly got dizzy, so I visited several clinics, but nobody knew what was causing it.

Then, with my dizziness, my hearing was not coming back.

I heard about Cheong-Min Clinic and I visited there.

I was surprised by how kind the doctor was and I was able to learn about my disease in a comforting way, so I kept getting treatment. Before that, I had severe rhinitis and my ears were not good.

Thanks to continuos treatment, I am so happy that everything came back normal.

I would like to thank to my doctor.

Cheong-Min Clinic Allergy Immunotherapy Case

My rhinitis was so terrible I had to take medicine twice a day. I had a severe runny nose, nasal congestion and a sneeze, but three months after surgery, I was able to slowly reduce the amount of medicine and after six months, I did not need to take any medication. It improved my daily life for the better.

Cheong-Min Clinic Olfactory Sense Treatment Case

Hello, this is ○○○.

I visited the clinic because of my olfactory sense problem and I think it’s been a month since I started treatment. After the treatment, the progress was great and now I can smell almost normally.

First of all, I’d like to thank my doctor. I visited several ENT doctors in Seoul, but nothing worked. I found on the internet that regenerative therapy was possible here, and after consulting with my doctor, I started treatment. Now, the treatment progress is great and if it keeps getting better, I will be awesome.

Thank you.

In their 20s, treatment for tinnitus after sport shooting

This patient’s high frequency tinnitus occurred about 5 years ago.The left side tinnitus is worse.When the patient was sport shooting before, he/she didn’t use earplugs.

About 20 shots.The tinnitus occurred in the high frequency range of 6000~8000 hertz.He/she can’t hear other people well.After the test from Cheong-Min Clinic, there was hearing loss on both sides in all frequencies, and it was worse in the higher frequencies.This is the result of one time tinnitus and hearing loss treatment from Cheong-Min Clinic.


After one treatment, there is a threshold change for each frequency.


500 hertz : 15–> 05 ( Decreased by 10 decibels )

1000hertz: 20–> 05 ( Decreased by 15 decibels )

2000hertz: 45–> 45 (Same)

3000hertz: 65–> 60( Decreased by 5 decibels )

4000hertz: 70–>60 ( Decreased by 10decibels )

6000hertz: 55–>55 (Same)

8000hertz: 55–>60 ( Increased by 5 decibels )



500hertz35->15 (Decreased by 20decibels )

1000hertz20->05 (Decreased by 15decibels )

2000hertz35->25 (Decreased by 10decibels )

3000hertz50->45 (Decreased by 5decibels )

4000hertz65->55 (Decreased by 10decibels )

6000hertz65->65 (Same)

8000hertz45->60 (Increased by 15decibels )

As seen in the above results, the threshold is decreasing at almost all frequencies on both sides (A difference of more than 10 decibels is considered significant).

This is the result after only one treatment.

The interesting thing is,the hearing threshold of 8000 hertz on the left side increased slightly, but the tinnitus on the left was still decreased.

In their 50s, treatment for tinnitus and hearing loss that began 10 months ago

This patient came in because of the hearing loss and tinnitus from stress.

He/she complained about a high frequency sound on the right side all of the time.

This patient had rhinitis as well.

The test showed hearing loss on the right from 6000 hertz.

High-frequency tinnitus was found to be caused by hearing loss in the high frequency range.

Treated one time in Cheong-Min Clinic.


The other frequencies on the right side have improved by about 5 decibels, but that can be considered within the tolerance range. However, the high frequency range of 6,000 hertz (6K) has improved by 10 decibels, which is more than tolerance, implying clear improvement.

Several treatments are planned in the future.

30s, improved after first hearing loss treatment

The patient has developed hearing loss and tinnitus after gunfire in his service at army 10 years ago,

He has received stress in recent years and complained that the tinnitus has aggravated little by little as he has received stress.

In a medical checkup a fow months ago, left hearing loss has been confirmed, with severe damage in high-frequency field from 1000hz with 55~75db loss.

Furthermore, someone has recently screamed at his ear ,
and then, the symptoms have gotten severe.

In this case, the auditory sensory cells in cochlea, including outer hair cell, are damaged due to transmission of excessive sound energy to ear from gunfire.

In human or mammals, natural recovery is unlikely.

The patient has received treatment once in Cheongmin St. Mary otorhinolaryngology.



2k(2000hz): before- 45db –> after- 30db (15 db improved)

3k: before 50, after 30 (20db improved)

4k: before 55, after 40 (15db improved)

6k: before 45, after 35 (10db improved)

8k: before 50, after 30 (20db improved)

Disparity of 5 db between before and after the treatment can be seen to be within error range.

However, improvement of 15 or more decibels is not within the error range, but is effect from the treatment.

The hearing loss in middle-to-high frequency field has been clearly improved .

The patient has reported that the consistent loud tinnitus has shown changes with becoming loud then quiet after initial treatment.

(the condition is also being improved.)

The patient will receive series of treatments repeatedly afterwards.

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70s, high-frequency hearing loss treatment, Cheong-Min otorhinolaryngology

The patient cannot understand spoken words very well and has bilateral high-frequency hearing loss.

The patient has treated 4 times in our hospital.

Now, the patient has decreased TV volume, and

do not frequently ask people to speak again.

Bialteral heraing loss in high-frequency filed seems improved.

(During the treatment, hearing loss in high frequency may be aggravated temporarily.

The patient shows the same pattern and as treatment is continued, the hearing loss is shown to be improved at least 10 db in both sides than before the treatments.)


Speech discrimination score has improved in both sides.


From right ear, the score increased from 25 before the treatment and 31 after the treatment.


From right ear, the score increased from 30 before the treatment and 34 after the treatment.

Of course, the patient did not recover fully, which requires further series of treatments to be planned .

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After treatment from Cheong-Min Sung-Mo Otolaryngology, a 50-year-old man who has severe tinnitus and long-time hearing loss improved

This is a male in his 50s. His hearing loss started a long time ago, and he complains about his severe tinnitus.

He can’t communicate in loud places and he can’t hear the TV.

He can’t understand it even if he turns up the volume.

The test showed severe both hearing loss in both ears.

This is the result after 2 treatments from Cheong-Min Sung-Mo Otolaryngology.

(The smaller the number, the better the hearing.) The right and left have slightly decreased numbers, which means that the hearing threshold has been reduced, and that his the hearing has improved as much.


The speech discrimination score (the ability to discriminate words) has improved from 18 to 25. The patient said that he feels that he can hear louder as if there is a microphone in his ears. He also said his ears feel fresh. His hearing loss was advanced and severe so several treatments are planned.