Cheong-Min Clinic Tinnitus/ Hearing loss Treatment Cases


Both of my ears were stuffy, as if a cotton balls were blocking them.

It was buzzing pretty badly, so I couldn’t hear anything.

But after I got a shot from Cheong-Min Clinic, I felt the effects immediately.

After the treatment, my ears were clear and the buzzing sound was better, so I could hear.

I am really thankful that I met the wonderful doctors and was treated.

The nurses were very nice as well. I am thankful for that.


Cheong-Min Clinic Dizziness Treatment Case

I suddenly got dizzy, so I visited several clinics, but nobody knew what was causing it.

Then, with my dizziness, my hearing was not coming back.

I heard about Cheong-Min Clinic and I visited there.

I was surprised by how kind the doctor was and I was able to learn about my disease in a comforting way, so I kept getting treatment. Before that, I had severe rhinitis and my ears were not good.

Thanks to continuos treatment, I am so happy that everything came back normal.

I would like to thank to my doctor.

Auditory cell regenerative therapy and tinnitus treatment testimonial 27 year old male suffered with tinnitus after a cold.

The tinnitus started after a cold 3 years ago.

The patient has shown improvements in his symptoms after 3 treatments.

The numbers underlined in the picture show hearing improvement.

(As the rate decreases, the hearing improves)

10dB became 05dB.