For all who have interest in our treatment for sensory neuronal hearing loss and tinntus


Dear all,

I am Minbo Shim who is running a clinic in South Korea, Seoul.

Recently I’ve read the numerous talks about my way of treatment on the Tinnitus Talk forum.

I am very interested in that you the Westerners have been excited by my treatment results.

The statistic data posted on my blog is definitely based on the results from the ‘real’ patients.

If I had tried to manipulate the statistic result, I would’ve made the result more dramatic.

But as you can see,  the statistic results are rather realistic than dramatic,

even though they are statistically significant.

And there are some individual differences about the final result, so  I do not guarantee any degrees of improvement.

That means some will experience a big difference and some will not.

Only I can say is  ‘ You probably will be the better hearing status after getting our treatment’.

Getting back the pt’s hearing to a ‘better’ status is a realistic and possible goal than making pt’s hearing a ‘perfect’ status.

Whenever the patient got better from hearing loss, the pt’s annoying tinnitus was gone as well.

You may also have interest in the total treatment period needed.

I usually do intratympanic injections every 2~3 days(twice or 3 times a week) for 2weeks, total 4~6 times.

My way of treatment is mainly based on the growth factors which have the potential to repair the damaged cochlea.

Any further questions, just send me an email:

If I don’t respond to your email, you can text me with skype: ID is ‘ cmclinics’.

Best regards,

Minbo shim, M.D.

* P.S. Here is the address of our homepage written in Korean, which I opened recently.
I’ve rebranded from Cheong-min to Solsam.
You can check more testimonials in here.

To see any testimonials on our Korean website, you have to register first,  then you can log-in with your email and password.

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