A patient who couldn’t hear at all but can hear now. Auditory nerve regeneration treatment at Cheong-Min Clinic

The patient came in 3 years ago due to sudden hearing loss after sleeping.

The patient said he/she currently uses a hearing aid on the left side, but he/she can not hear even with a hearing aid.

He/she had some dizziness.

He/She have had an eardrum injection at another hospital.

Rhinitis has also been confirmed.

He/she had auditory nerve regeneration twice in a row at the Cheong-Min Clinic in Korea

Pure tone audiometry was done.

(It is a test to measure the volume at which sound can first be heard.

The smaller the number, the better hearing of that frequency.)




On the left side by frequency,

500Hertz: 70–>70–>55 (15decibels improvement)

1000Hertz: 75–>65–>55 (20decibels improvement)

2000Hertz: 80–>70–>70 (10decibels improvement)



A change of 5 decibels and above is regarded as a meaningful improvement beyond tolerance range!

The above patient showed significant improvement in only 2 treatments.

The patient said he/she can hear better!!!

After treatment, the hearing aid sounded too loud, so he/she decided to reduce the hearing aid volume.



The speech discrimination score was checked as well.

(It is to check if the patient can discriminate the meaning of the word after listening to the loudest sound he/she can hear comfortably.

The higher the number, the better the hearing.)




Increased from 0–>2–>6The patient, who did not know the meaning at all, began to understand the meaning of the word, which means that a person who was able to understand only by looking and reading lips can now make conversation after the treatment.




We planned to do one or two more treatments and stop, then additional treatment.

*Sometimes, many people ask if this is true but all of the cases here are improved hearing cases and there is no fabrication or misrepresentation at all.









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