My tinnitus and hearing impairment, which made me ask for people to repeat themselves, got better after treatment at Cheong-Min Clinic.

This patient had buzzing tinnitus and hearing impairment that lasted for 5 years as well as dizziness.

When using a cell phone, his/her ears hurt.

He/she was exposed to a loud noise.

We performed puretone audiometry after 2 nerve regeneration treatments.

Right side,

At 6K (6,000 hertz), 35 before the treatment -> 25 after the treatment, improvement of 10 decibels

At 8K (8,000 hertz), 45 before the treatment -> 30 after the treatment, improvement of 15 decibels

Left side

At 6K(6,000hertz), 60 before the treatment–> 50 after the treatment, improvement of 10 decibels

(A change of more than 5 decibels is considered significant because it is outside the tolerance range.)

This patient’s speech discrimination score increased from 33 points to 39 points before treatment.

This kind of tinnitus can only be improved if hearing impairment gets better.

In fact, this patient’s tinnitus has been reduced.

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