In their 20s, treatment for tinnitus after sport shooting

This patient’s high frequency tinnitus occurred about 5 years ago.The left side tinnitus is worse.When the patient was sport shooting before, he/she didn’t use earplugs.

About 20 shots.The tinnitus occurred in the high frequency range of 6000~8000 hertz.He/she can’t hear other people well.After the test from Cheong-Min Clinic, there was hearing loss on both sides in all frequencies, and it was worse in the higher frequencies.This is the result of one time tinnitus and hearing loss treatment from Cheong-Min Clinic.


After one treatment, there is a threshold change for each frequency.


500 hertz : 15–> 05 ( Decreased by 10 decibels )

1000hertz: 20–> 05 ( Decreased by 15 decibels )

2000hertz: 45–> 45 (Same)

3000hertz: 65–> 60( Decreased by 5 decibels )

4000hertz: 70–>60 ( Decreased by 10decibels )

6000hertz: 55–>55 (Same)

8000hertz: 55–>60 ( Increased by 5 decibels )



500hertz35->15 (Decreased by 20decibels )

1000hertz20->05 (Decreased by 15decibels )

2000hertz35->25 (Decreased by 10decibels )

3000hertz50->45 (Decreased by 5decibels )

4000hertz65->55 (Decreased by 10decibels )

6000hertz65->65 (Same)

8000hertz45->60 (Increased by 15decibels )

As seen in the above results, the threshold is decreasing at almost all frequencies on both sides (A difference of more than 10 decibels is considered significant).

This is the result after only one treatment.

The interesting thing is,the hearing threshold of 8000 hertz on the left side increased slightly, but the tinnitus on the left was still decreased.

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