70s, high-frequency hearing loss treatment, Cheong-Min otorhinolaryngology

The patient cannot understand spoken words very well and has bilateral high-frequency hearing loss.

The patient has treated 4 times in our hospital.

Now, the patient has decreased TV volume, and

do not frequently ask people to speak again.

Bialteral heraing loss in high-frequency filed seems improved.

(During the treatment, hearing loss in high frequency may be aggravated temporarily.

The patient shows the same pattern and as treatment is continued, the hearing loss is shown to be improved at least 10 db in both sides than before the treatments.)


Speech discrimination score has improved in both sides.


From right ear, the score increased from 25 before the treatment and 31 after the treatment.


From right ear, the score increased from 30 before the treatment and 34 after the treatment.

Of course, the patient did not recover fully, which requires further series of treatments to be planned .

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