30s, improved after first hearing loss treatment

The patient has developed hearing loss and tinnitus after gunfire in his service at army 10 years ago,

He has received stress in recent years and complained that the tinnitus has aggravated little by little as he has received stress.

In a medical checkup a fow months ago, left hearing loss has been confirmed, with severe damage in high-frequency field from 1000hz with 55~75db loss.

Furthermore, someone has recently screamed at his ear ,
and then, the symptoms have gotten severe.

In this case, the auditory sensory cells in cochlea, including outer hair cell, are damaged due to transmission of excessive sound energy to ear from gunfire.

In human or mammals, natural recovery is unlikely.

The patient has received treatment once in Cheongmin St. Mary otorhinolaryngology.



2k(2000hz): before- 45db –> after- 30db (15 db improved)

3k: before 50, after 30 (20db improved)

4k: before 55, after 40 (15db improved)

6k: before 45, after 35 (10db improved)

8k: before 50, after 30 (20db improved)

Disparity of 5 db between before and after the treatment can be seen to be within error range.

However, improvement of 15 or more decibels is not within the error range, but is effect from the treatment.

The hearing loss in middle-to-high frequency field has been clearly improved .

The patient has reported that the consistent loud tinnitus has shown changes with becoming loud then quiet after initial treatment.

(the condition is also being improved.)

The patient will receive series of treatments repeatedly afterwards.

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