After treatment from Cheong-Min Sung-Mo Otolaryngology, a 50-year-old man who has severe tinnitus and long-time hearing loss improved

This is a male in his 50s. His hearing loss started a long time ago, and he complains about his severe tinnitus.

He can’t communicate in loud places and he can’t hear the TV.

He can’t understand it even if he turns up the volume.

The test showed severe both hearing loss in both ears.

This is the result after 2 treatments from Cheong-Min Sung-Mo Otolaryngology.

(The smaller the number, the better the hearing.) The right and left have slightly decreased numbers, which means that the hearing threshold has been reduced, and that his the hearing has improved as much.


The speech discrimination score (the ability to discriminate words) has improved from 18 to 25. The patient said that he feels that he can hear louder as if there is a microphone in his ears. He also said his ears feel fresh. His hearing loss was advanced and severe so several treatments are planned.


After treatment from Cheong-Min Sung-Mo Otolaryngology, a 50-year-old man who has tinnitus and hearing loss is improving

This is a male in his 50s.

Both of his ears have hearing impairment and it’s been decades.

He can’t talk in noisy places.

He had two treatments. And his speech discrimination score is improving slowly.

It is getting better from 8 points to 21 points and 24 points.

Because his hearing was not good before treatment, an additional treatment is planned.


After treatment from Cheong-Min, a 40-year-old man who had tinnitus-like buzzing and hearing loss

His hearing loss has been getting worse for 10 years.

Some of his family members were also hearing impaired.

Family history is also important in predicting the prognosis of the disease.

After one treatment in our clinic, Cheong-Min Sung-Mo Otolaryngology,

The speech discrimination score

improved from 36 points to 42 points.

One or two additional treatments are planned.