Hearing loss with dizziness, after 2 cycles in Cheong-Min St. Mary’s ENT

The patient is a female in her 40s. She has dizziness along with hearing loss. She was suspected of Meniere’s disease from tests. She also showed genetic tendencies.  After 2 cycles of treatment in Cheong-Min St. Mary’s ENT her speech discrimination score increased from 33 to 41 and dizziness improved more than 90%.


Severe hearing loss, Cheong-Min St. Mary’s ENT Regeneration Therapy

He was declared disability and could not make conversation even with hearing aid.

He was treated 2 times in our hospital and her hearing, once used to be completely deaf, is recovering.

(Smaller number signifies improvement in hearing.)

He will be treated in multiples cycles.

In Cheong-Min St. Mart’s ENT, we know from experience that even such severe hearing loss can be treated.



Female patient with severe tinnitus and hearing loss

Complains of severe tinnitus and hearing loss and her head to be pulsating.

She is regularly treated in our hospital and is in followup..

Improvement of about 20dB is seen so far.

She showed very severe hearing loss in the first visit and is treated with an additional cycle,

And we are doing our best for better outcome.

Recently, patients with more severe hearing loss, in young age, and from foreign countries who are difficult to be treated and make conversation with are visiting our hospital.

In the beginning of practice, easily treatable patients visited,

But as time passes, more and more complicated patients are visiting,

Even foreigners, which burdens me with responsibility.

However, when I see patients improve, it feels like miracle

And make me feel godlike.

I am currently not only Korean physicians and scholars in cellular treatment, but also American scholars to improve outcome of the treatment



Screeching tinnitus starting from 2 years ago

Screeching tinnitus is heard in bilateral ears

Tinnitus in 400Hz was found from tinnitus assessment.

Complains of occasional mishearing during conversation.

Onset was 2 years ago.

Showed no improvement after steroid injection performed in another hospital,

Visited out hospital after hearing that there is no way of treating the symptom.

After initial treatment, the symptom is improving and further treatment is scheduled.